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vFit plus, affordable beauty, vaginal dryness remedy

vFit Plus

Promotes Hydration, Improves Sensation, and Increases Confidence

Introducing vFit+

The revolutionary vFit+, provided by the expert team at Affordable Beauty, promotes hydration, improves sensation & increases confidence – all from the privacy of home at a fraction of the cost of in-office options. The vFit+ is 30% stronger than the vFit and adds more options! Learn more by clicking/tapping the button below!

vFit plus, led light, feminine care


Six high-powered UV-free red lights (LEDs) in the 662nm wavelength shine brightly to safely and effectively stimulate the tissue.

vFit plus, thermal energy, feminine care


Gentle heat warms the tissue and encourages blood flow, which aids in natural lubrication to help sooth dryness. Gentle heat also amplifies the LED benefits.

vFit plus, sonic technology, feminine care


Sonic vibration aids in muscle stimulation. There are 10 modes for your customization.

vFit plus, photonic gel, feminine care


Formulated specifically to enhance your vFit performance and comfort, this ultra-concentrated, water-based gel is infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe to help moisturize.

HER products, affordable beauty, feminine care products

HER Products

Intimate Care Just for Her

Why Do We Need Unique Care Just for Her?

  • More than 50% of women experience vaginal dryness
  • Nearly 65% have turn down sex due to concerns about scent
  • Decreasing lubrication impacts internal and external vaginal tissue
  • Women often struggle with itching, irritation, and odor
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Offering 3 New Products for Feminine Care

cleansHER, affordable beauty, feminine cleanser


This soft, gentle cleanser blends aloe barbadensis leaf extract, mandarin orange blossom oil, and arginine to keep delicate skin clean and fresh.

revitalizHER, affordable beauty, feminine hydrating serum


A deeply hydrating serum that uses coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E to soothe, soften, and nourish the intimate tissue while supporting a healthy pH and keeping you feeling confident all day long.

refresHER, affordable beauty, feminine cleansing spray


A cleansing spray that combines the power of aloe with witch hazel leaf extract to combat sweat. Reduce odor and freshen your most intimate areas, even when you’re on the go.

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