Kenosha Fat Removal Treatment

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Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedure

If you are looking for a fat removal treatment, Affordable Beauty has the services for you. Our Kenosha fat removal treatment is the best in the area. We are dedicated to helping people reach their beauty goals in a safe manner.

We recognize that everyone is built differently which is why after consultations our professionals come up with a treatment plan best fit for you. We offer a variety of different options for you to think through, and decide what is more comfortable for you and your lifestyle.

Our welcoming atmosphere thrives off communication, patience, and understanding for each of our patients and team members. When looking for Kenosha fat removal treatment, contact the team at Affordable Beauty.

More about our Treatment SculpSure®

Affordable Beauty now offers SculpSure. This is a 25-minute treatment that is non-invasive, laser-based body contouring to destroy stubborn fat cells. We use hyperthermic technology that the fat cells then undergo a temperature injury from that laser energy.

While this laser is working its magic to deliver the heat to fat cells, the skin is kept protected by a sapphire surface of the laser delivery system. This in-office procedure safely treats all types of skin along with any skin tone. Once the fat cells die, the immune system clears the body of the cells, thereby shrinking the treatment area.

Another feature of our fat removal procedure, SculpSure, is how customizable our applicators can be. We are able to arrange them to create the perfect placement for any patient’s requested area of concern.

During the treatment, some patients report a slight tingling or burning, but we are able to monitor throughout the treatment and adjust for optimal comfort.  Right afterward, our patients can return to their normal daily activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SculpSure is not a weight loss treatment, but is meant to spot reduce areas of stubborn fat.

Because the procedure is safe and non-invasive, there are few contraindications besides pregnancy, breastfeeding and an open skin lesion or rash.

Most areas require two sessions spaced apart by about 6 weeks. Each session removes up to 24% of fat in the targeted treatment areas.

Some patients choose to treat more than one treatment area.

Most patients describe the sensation as deep warmth and tingling, which is well tolerated.

The intensity of the treatment is adjusted for each patient’s comfort level.

Although the treatment damages fat cells immediately, it takes your body time to flush them from your system.

For this reason, the earliest results are generally seen approximately 6 weeks after treatment with final results achieved around 12 weeks after the procedure.

SculpSure is non-invasive, safe and comfortable and is administered without anesthesia, which means you can return to work immediately following the treatment.

Some people receive SculpSure on their lunch break and miss no work time at all. Patients are able to continue their daily routine, including exercising that day.

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Our mission here at Affordable Beauty is to uphold an atmosphere of professionalism, personal attention, and excellence in care. And our Kenosha fat removal treatment stays true to that mission.

We strive to do this by utilizing the highest quality and most advanced technology and offering the best therapeutic and medical aesthetic services, including hormone pellet therapy and botox.

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